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I am currently looking for opportunities to teach art, work in the engineering, graphics, and mathematical fields, exhibit  my art  work, record and play music, and to engage my diverse skill set.

I am also excited for forms of collaboration and remote work possibilities.

Please see below for more info about me and reach out to me with any ideas. Thanks!

Recent Bio:    

        I currently live in Pacific Grove California. I recently moved here from Jamesburg, California where I had been living for about 2 years in a remote, wild and beautiful ecosystem abundant in quiet nature and starry skies. Before Jamesburg, I lived in New York City where I worked in the arts and in a biomedical research group and exhibited my work.

        For the last two years, I have been focusing on ink drawing, music compositions and being an amateur naturalist. In addition, I worked as a kayak guide, cleared some trails, worked in a factory sorting lettuce, as a carpenter, and as a bakers apprentice.

         With the arrival of my baby girl! - I am feeling community oriented and I am looking for opportunities to collaborate and be involved in dialogue. I have listed below the two general fields I am interested in and how I can contribute to projects within them.

Science, Math and Developing Realm:


     I have experience as a first author on a published science paper, research experience in a biomedical lab, and mechanical engineering course work including calculus, differential equations, probability, physics, chemistry, biology, statics, and thermodynamics, and tools such as MATlab, Solidworks and light coding.

For more info on my Engineering experience please 

Art Teaching:

       I have an MFA and I have taught college level drawing, painting, and contemporary practices. I also have an exhibition history including solo shows in New York.

     For more info and examples of my students work and syllabi please 

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