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Art and Art History
The Pacific Grove Adult School
Spring 2024
 Instructor: Sam Payne

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June 12, 2024

Spring Session Starts :

Important Spring 2024 Session Dates: March 25th to June 8th (10 Weeks Total)

March 13th (Wednesday) - Registration Begins

March 25th (Monday) - Spring Session Begins

April 8th -13th - Spring Break (no classes)

May 27th (Monday) -  Memorial Day Holiday (no classes)

If Class is Full Please Send me an email:

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Important Summer 2024 Session Dates: July 1st to September 21st (11 Weeks Total)

June 12th (Wednesday) - Registration Begins

July 1st (Monday) - Spring Session Begins

July 4th (Thursday) - Independence Day Holiday (no classes)

August 5th - 10th - Break (no classes)

September 2nd (Monday) -  Labor Day Holiday (no classes)

Wednesdays 1:30-4:30
10 Week Class


Tuesdays  10-12 PM
10  Week Class

3/25/24- 6/8/24 

Wednesdays 9:30AM - 12:30PM
10 Week Class

3/25/24- 6/8/24

Thursdays 9:30 - 12:30 PM
10 Week Class
3/25/24- 6/8/24

Thursdays 1:30-4:30
10 Week Class


"Sam Payne has clear insight into art and the process of making art. In his enjoyable classes, one learns easily. A very rewarding experience in art."

Spring 2023 Student

“Sam helped me to see color differently. The activities in his classes helped me to not just see color, but to experience it. I look more closely now at how light, and the proximity of other colors can change my perceptions. 

Sam sets a nice positive tone in the class. He modeled having fun, experimenting, and discovering in a unique way.” Spring 2023 Student

"History of Mexican Art" is an enjoyable and visually fascinating class.  From the origins of civilization to 20th century murals in Mexico City, this class offers a great way to expand one's thinking about the evolution of culture, art and spirituality."

Spring 2023 Student

" I took Sam Payne’s Mexican Art History Class.  Sam has tremendous amount of knowledge on the subject and presents it in an interesting, casual and conversational way.  It was pure fun."

Spring 2023 Student

“I enrolled in the last two sessions of Outdoor Painting and enjoyed it so much. I had never painted outdoors before this class, and have learned a lot about the process. If you like going on field trips, this is the class for you. Each class took place in a different outdoor venue (weather permitting), giving our group a chance to explore and appreciate even further our beautiful local landscape. Our teacher, Sam, brought inspirational works of famous artists from history to talk about themes and techniques for approaching painting outside. He also encouraged us to share our own inspirations and motivations for our artistic choices. The casual nature of the class makes it comfortable for beginners and more experienced artists alike. I hope I get a chance to take this class again in the future.”

Spring 2023 Student

“I took PGAS En Plein Air Painting course with Sam Payne and thoroughly enjoyed his ability to share and inspire me through his deep understanding of the process of painting and art in general.   For instance, I’m new to En Plein painting/ landscapes and can often feel intimidated by where, what etc to start.  Before each class, Sam would show us a process or insight a master painter used from his private collection of beautiful art books. This would put me at ease and inspire me.  He also provides individual feedback during class.  My painting skill has definitely improved in his class.”

Spring 2023 Student

I was fascinated and delighted to learn so much about, in particular, the Olmecs (including that we don't know what they called themselves). This class was entertaining, and challenging in the best way, with many images from Mexico, along with images from other times and cultures, all of which encouraged discussion.

Sam shows and discusses so many images of architecture, sculpture, fresco, and ceramics. The class was informal enough for lots of questions and speculation. The videos added a lot as well, in particular the video about moving one of the huge Olmec heads, and the videos about contemporary Mexican artists.

Spring 2023 Student

“I enjoyed the Color and Collage Workshop with Sam Payne quite a lot. In addition to having my eyes opened to the subtle nuances of color, it was a very nice way to end hectic workdays. “

Spring 2023 Student

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