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Each subscriber receives a letter in the mail.  A real thing, that has travelled to you from me.

The letter is a drawing with a song. The song is embedded by Q&R code in the drawing and will play when scanned by a smart phone.    Like magic. 

I make ink drawings and one minute songs every day. It is simply what I do.  It is time to share the love. 


One of these just arrived in your mail box!

00:00 / 01:55
The drawing can sit on the counter, go on the fridge, go in one ear and out the other, and the Q&R code can be saved and referenced ad infinitum.

As time allows,  I will be able to also produce and make available a periodic edition of a book/zine of songs, drawings and words.  

Notes on the Letter Project

More about how I think about drawings  - 

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