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Writing about Art Teaching:

        I have taught college level drawing, painting, and contemporary practices. I also have an exhibition history including solo shows in New York and I received my MFA from University of Washington in Seattle on a full merit based scholarship award. 


        As a teacher, I have a unique position because of my in depth knowledge of drawing practices within the field of contemporary art.  I can teach the fundamentals of line, value, color and negative space while engendering a sense of what it could mean to position drawings, paintings, and sculptures in a contemporary interdisciplinary landscape.


        In addition, I have tutored younger students and neurodiverse students and worked as a wild life educator for groups of all ages.


        Recently I have been working on projects interrelating the sciences and mathematics with art practices  and I have found this interdisciplinary work has made space for an inviting pedagogical platform.


        Teaching is a beautiful space where I find my most important goal and greatest challenge is simply to listen and witness. I attempt to listen to how the students are engaging with the particular historical context and medium,  and I then try to provide appropriate resources and methods.

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