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Color and Collage Workshop

“Sam helped me to see color differently. The activities in his classes helped me to not just see color, but to experience it. I look more closely now at how light, and the proximity of other colors can change my perceptions. 

Sam sets a nice positive tone in the class. He modeled having fun, experimenting, and discovering in a unique way.”        Spring 2023 Student

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Summer  Session:

June 28, 2023 -August 16th, 2023

Summer Session: June 28th - Aug. 16th

Register here on June 14th (Opens at 8AM)!

Pacific Grove Adult School

1025 Lighthouse Ave.

Pacific Grove, CA 93950


June 14 Registration for PGAS Summer session begins.

PGAS Summer Session starts

June 24th - Sept 18th (11 Week Session)


Class DescriptionColor and Collage Workshop Summer 2023  is meant to be a fun loose space where we explore color and shape together in the classroom for 1.5 hours a week. I am using the Joseph Albers book, Interaction of Color, as a loose reference. His basic thesis is that color is discovered through practice with pieces of paper and that its fundamental nature is relative and interactiveEach class I will propose a loose set of rules or limits as a jumping off point and we will all start cutting, collaging, gluing, looking, and learning. Check out the forum to post and read what your class members are up to!

Class Examles


Paper (at least 2 each of 24 different colors about 8.5 x 11 inches and some card stock as a base), scissors, glue, old paint brush, wooden clothespins

I try to keep this class as simple and affordable as possible. The solid colored paper and appropriate glue is the most important. I hope many of you have most of these supplies already and I am sure there can be some sharing. Please use the forum to share!


Please have fun with getting various solid colored papers. Local stores have good options.  

Shop locally if possible but I have affiliate links posted here for recommended supplies and to give a sense of what  I find works really well. Next time class is offered I hope to have discounted offers from a local art supply store.


For all supplies recommended  - they are in fact just recommendations - if you have favorites just bring those. 

We will each need: 

Assorted Color Paper (The most important Item - at least 24 different colors)

For this class I would like everyone to have a large assortment of solid colored paper. The below specs are just an example of possibilities.  

1 pack of printer paper cardstock  120 GSM 24 assorted colors

1 pack of printer paper  cardstock 250 GSM 24 assorted colors

About 15 pieces of thicker/ cardstock type paper as a base for gluing colored paper to. The goal is to have  a bottom layer of slightly thicker paper(card stock) that we adhere the thinner layers to so that we avoid the classic bubbling and curling when gluing papers together. 

1 pack of construction paper (Try to get maximum amount of colors like the 12 assorted colors instead of the 10)

Many students do not like the way that construction paper feels and I have a lot of extra construction paper.  For these reasons I no longer suggest purchasing construction paper. But if it is a material you really like than of course make it part of your kit.


Michaels  Currently has 50% off deals in Monterey County on various versions of this set of paper that work well for the class:


       I prefer not to have exacto/ utility knives etc. because I want us to embrace scissors as a beautiful tool and respect their limits and uses :)


        There are many Glues available. (Being able to brush the glue on rather than with a  glue stick can be great but glues sticks are wonderful also!). We want glues that don't leave shiny residues etc. 

        My preferences are:


         Golden Matte Medium

          Mod Podge

          Yes! (This glue is very different   than the other suggestions. IT is ore of a paste and it is advisable to spread  on with a flexible and flat "puddy"/"painters" knife. 


I suggest one of the 3 above AND gluesticks 

Brush for Glue

          Old paint brush will do. We will use this to paint the glue on the back of cut paper meant to be glued. 

          I suggest close to a 1 inch paint brush. 

          Also Mod Podge sells a brush that comes with their glue. 

          If you love glue sticks that is just fine as well!

Scrap paper for messy glue

Clothespins (wood)

An old credit card/ ID Card  (Not a necessary supply)

        This is for "burnishing" and applying pressure on paper being glued to create a smooth well adhered surface. 

A folder for storing cut scraps. 

A large tote bag (10 x 10 inches at least). This will not be transformed or sullied in any manner. It can have any type of design or marking. It is part of a surprise project I like to do first couple classes. 

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Notes from Class

Class Notes
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